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The ASBS Newsletter was established in 1974

From the very first issue, our newsletter has been keeping members informed of Society news and events, introduced new members, and acknowledging the passing of others, as well as providing a vehicle for debate and discussion.

Issues are published quarterly and members may receive a digital copy, with all back issues available for download from our archive below, or from the Biodiversity Heritage Library.

From 2001, the PDF versions were received directly from the Newsletter editors and uploaded. Earlier PDFs were produced by scanning hard copy newsletters, with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) performed on the scans. 


Submissions including short original articles should be emailed to the editor (attached as documents to an email). The deadline for each publication falls on the last day of February, May, August, and November.

All articles included in the Newsletter will be duly acknowledged. Authors alone are responsible for the views expressed, and statements made by the authors do not necessarily represent the views of the Australasian Systematic Botany Society. Newsletter items should not be reproduced without the permission of the author of the material.


Advertising space in the Newsletter is available for products or services of interest to ASBS members. Contact the Newsletter editor for further information.

Advertising Rates (AUD)

A 20% discount applies for regular advertisements. ASBS members are currently exempt from advertisement fees. For advertising enquiries please contact the editor.

International Standard Serial Numbers (ISSN)

The current international standard serial number (ISSN) for the printed version of the Australasian Systematic Botany Society Newsletter is 1839-7522. The ISSN for the electronic version and any online addenda is 2204-910X. There were some errors in the ISSN given on newsletters produced from 2001 up until the December 2014 issue (Number 161). For details see ASBS Newsletter 162-3: 7.

Newsletter Archive

Cultural Sensitivity Notice

Some articles in early editions of the ASBS Newsletter may contain culturally offensive attitudes, including racist and sexist remarks, which we acknowledge could be distressing for some readers. These views, which reflect the attitudes of the original author or may be common for the period in which they were written, are not appropriate today and do not reflect the current values of our Society; however, they are retained as part of our historical record.


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