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Notice of 2022 Conference


ASBS Annual Conference

Dear Students and Early-Career Researchers,

The Australasian Systematic Botany Society (ASBS) Student and Early-Career Researcher (SECR) sub-committee would like to invite you to attend and contribute to the first-ever ASBS Student and Early Career Researcher conference.

For botanical, mycological and phycological systematics SECRs this is your chance to share and promote your research and meet (in person!) with your peers in the Australasian taxonomic community. This event is 100% SECR focused. It's run by SECRs for SECRs, and so this conference is all about you and your career.

The National Herbarium of New South Wales is hosting this event at their brand new facility on site at the Australian Botanic Garden, Mt Annan. Their state of the art facilities ensure that we can offer this conference as a hybrid in person/online event. SECRs have the option of attending in person or choosing to present online. To help presenters reach a wider audience all presentations will also be live-streamed to the broader taxonomic community and ASBS membership. A separate email invitation will be sent out in September inviting all ASBS members to register as an online audience participant.


The conference will run from the 14th-17th of November. A social mixer will kick off the event on the evening of the 14th. All presentation sessions will run on the 15th and 16th of November. The ASBS Annual General Meeting will occur at 2pm (AEDT) on the 17th of November. The full conference program will be made available in late September. It will include social events, plenary speakers, a tour of the National Herbarium of NSW, presentations from your peers and more!


This conference is a free event (no registration fees), and includes catering.

Students will be able to apply for additional support to subsidise the cost of travel to the conference and accommodation through an ABRS (Australian students) or ASBS (New Zealand and Papua New Guinea students) travel grant. An email directing students how to apply for these grants will be sent out shortly.

Mt Annan does not have many accommodation options or other facilities nearby, so we would recommend that you book your accommodation in or near the Sydney CBD, close to RBG where the shuttle bus will depart from.


To register for the SECR conference please fill out the Google form, via the below link, by the 22nd of August. Please submit your registration as soon as possible, you do not need to wait for confirmation of the success of your application for a travel grant.

Presentations and abstracts

We highly encourage all student and ECR attendees to present. You can present in person, or on-line. All presentations will be live-streamed to the broader taxonomic community. Call for abstracts will be sent in a separate email which will allow attendees to select if they would like to do a full talk or a speed talk (see below).

You have the following options;

  • Full talk; 10 minute presentation plus 5 minutes for questions.
  • Speed talk; 3 minute presentation plus 2 minutes for questions.

The organising committee would like this event to be as inclusive and welcoming as possible, if you have any questions or concerns please do let us know (contact details below).

The organising committee would be eternally grateful if you could get your registrations in ASAP. We’re looking forward to catching up with all of you after a few long, lonely years!

James, Tim, Helen
ASBS SECR representatives


Helen:, 0432993362

Last General Meeting of the Society 

Tuesday 5 October 2021, 1:00 PM

Virtual meeting via online conferencing

Last ASBS Conference

12–16 July 2021 [Virtual conference]

The Society's 2021 conference, "Biodiverse futures—systematics in a changing world", was held fully virtually. The conference provided attendees with an exciting opportunity to view systematics research in a global context and how it contributes to addressing the big challenges such as biodiversity loss, climate change, habitat degradation and invasive species.


History of ASBS Meetings and Conferences

Month Year  Location  Conference Title  Associated groups and meetings Annual General Meeting Number  Newsletter where published Burbidge lecture Newsletter where published
July 2021 Virtual conference Biodiverse futures: systematics in a changing world   43
[held 5 Oct. 2021]
189: 4–23 Kevin Thiele 188: 16–20
2020 Conference scheduled to be held in Cairns, Queensland, Australia, was postponed due to COVID-19 pandemic. 42
[held 18 Nov. 2020]
185: 8–29 Wendy Nelson n/a
[see note]
Nov 2019 Wellington, New Zealand Taxonomy for Plant Conservation
New Zealand Plant Conservation Network 41 181: 10–27 Barry Conn 181: 5–8
Dec 2018 Brisbane, Qld, Australia Mind The Gap
  40 178: 5–20 I. Breitwieser 177: 4–14
Nov 2017 Adelaide, SA, Australia Systematics 2017: Integrating Systematics for Conservation and Ecology

Conference proceedings available as a supplement to the journal Swainsona
Society of Australian Systematic Biologists 39 173: 2–18 P.J. Brownsey n/a
[see note]
Sep 2016 Alice Springs, NT, Australia Systematic botany—a view from the Centre

Conference proceedings available as a supplement to the journal Swainsona
  38 168–9: 2–19 A.E. Orchard 168–9: 21–30
Nov–Dec 2015 Canberra, ACT, Australia Building Our Botanical Capital   37 165: 4–24 G. Kantvilas
(on behalf of Jack Elix)
165: 33–43
Nov 2014 Palmerston North, New Zealand Next-generation Systematics   36 161: 3-17 P.H. Weston 161: 31-34
Dec 2013 Sydney, NSW, Australia Systematics Without Borders Invertebrate Biodiversity & Conservation and the Society of Australian Systematic Biologists 35   P.J. Garnock-Jones 157: 29 31
Sept 2012 Perth, WA, Australia Local knowledge, global delivery   34 153:24-25 B.R. Maslin
(A Nancy Burbidge Memorial Speech)
153: 25-30
Nov 2011 Melbourne, Vic, Australia (not held with conference)     33 149: 2-14    
July 2011 Melbourne, Vic, Australia   Part of International Botanical Congress (IBC) No associated AGM   M.D. Crisp (Evolution of the Australian Flora)  

Lincoln, Canterbury, New Zealand

Systematic botany across the ditch: links between
Australia and New Zealand

New Zealand Plant Radiation Network 32 144: 2-15    

Dec 2009

Armidale, NSW, Australia

Systematic botany: from science to society



141: 3-13



Sep-Oct 2008

Adelaide, SA, Australia

Systematics in a changing environment



136: 2-12

S.D. Hopper (Old Australian landscapes yield new perspectives on biodiversity evolution and conservation)

136: 15-16 (Abstract)

Sep 2007

Darwin, NT, Australia

Australian Plant Taxonomy



133: 1-13



Nov 2006

Cairns, Qld, Australia

Plant Diversity in the Tropics


No associated AGM




Mar 2006

Canberra, ACT, Australia (not held with conference)



126: 1-16    

Nov 2005

Brisbane, Qld, Australia

Plant Systematics in Australia - Where is it Going?


No associated AGM




May 2005

Sydney, NSW, Australia




123: 2-14



Jul 2004

Canberra, ACT, Australia

Handbook on Families of Australian Vascular Plants



119: 1



Sep-Oct 2003

Melbourne, Vic, Australia

150 Years of Systematic Botany in Australia



117: 1-13

R.S. Hill (Fire, air, water and earth: elemental evolution of the Australian flora)


Sep 2002

Adelaide, SA, Australia


Australian Institute of Biology conference: "Evolution of the Australian Biota"


113: 3-11



Sep 2001

Sydney, NSW, Australia


Flora Malesiana (International meeting)


109: 1-11

J.G. West (Future directions of systematics in Australia)


Jun 2000

Sydney, NSW, Australia

Roderick Page workshop on Historical Associations



104: 1-12



Dec 1999

Perth, WA, Australia

Dampier 300



101: 3-14

A.A. Burbidge (Conservation of the biota of the megadiverse South-West Botanical Province of Western Australia)

102: 25-33

Sep 1998

Sydney, NSW, Australia


Monocots II (International meeting)


95: 3-11

M. Bennett, Kew (Genomic organization and systematics in the 21st Century)


Sep 1997

Adelaide, SA, Australia

Systematics: advancing knowledge and conservation of Australia’s biodiversity

Society of Australian Systematic Biologists (SASB)


93: 4-18



Oct 1996

Melbourne, Vic, Australia

Beyond the Floras/ Proteaceae/Fungi



89: 3-10

P.Y. Ladiges (Biogeography after Burbidge)


Sep 1995

Canberra, ACT, Australia

Workshop: Analysis of cladistic data: morphological and molecular.



85: 24-29



Jul 1994

Kuranda, Qld, Australia

Origin and evolution of Flora of Monsoon Tropics



80: 35-42

G.A.M. Scott (Cryptogams: the better investment)

80: 13-18

Oct 1993

Perth, WA, Australia

Systematics, Evolution and Conservation of the Western Australian Biota


No associated AGM




Jan 1993

Hobart, Tas, Australia

Southern Temperate ecosystems - origin and diversification

Southern Connections, Ecological Society of Australia


74: 5-9

E. Truswell (Vegetation change in the Australian Tertiary in response to climatic and phytogeographic forcing factors)

74: 10 (Abstract)

Aug 1992

Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Biogeography and Phylogenetics of Pacific Flora  

Botanical Society of America

No associated AGM




Mar 1992

Sydney, NSW, Australia (not held with conference)




71: 10-19



Nov 1991

Auckland, New Zealand

Systematic and Ecological relationships of South Pacific floras

New Zealand Botanical Society

No associated AGM




Aug 1990

Canberra, ACT, Australia

Indo Pacific Biogeography; at the crossroads  

post Hennig conference


65: 13-25

R. Carolin (There is one thing greater than armies: an idea whose time has come)

65: 1-7

Jun 1989

Sydney, NSW, Australia

Plant systematics in the age of Molecular Biology



60: 30-36

R. Schodde (Origins, Radiations and Sifting in the Australasian Biota - Changing Concepts from New Data and Old)

60: 2-11

May 1998

Melbourne, Vic, Australia

Development of systematic botany in Australasia



56: 19-28

J.H. Willis (Melbourne: a focal point for early botanical activity)

56: 1-4

Aug 1986

Brisbane, Qld, Australia

Evolution & systematics of Australian tropical flora

Ecological Society of Australia


48: 15-20

D.E. Symon (The diversity of Solanum fruits: a world survey)

52: 1-7

Feb 1986

Thredbo, NSW, Australia

The systematic status of large flowering plant genera


No associated AGM




Feb 1985

Thredbo, NSW, Australia

Origin & evolution of Australasian Alpine Biota



42: 1-6

H.E. Connor (The effect of Australian dicotyledons on the taxonomy of the Angiosperms)

43: 1-15

May 1984

Canberra, ACT, Australia

Cladistics, Systematics and Phylogeny


No associated AGM




May 1983

Perth, WA, Australia

Systematics & Biogeography of Myrtaceae



35: 9-20

B.J. Grieve (History of key to Flora of temperate WA)


39: 1-7

Aug 1981

Sydney, NSW, Australia


International Botanical Congress


28: 3-8



May 1980

Adelaide, SA, Australia

Evolution of the flora and fauna of arid Australia

Ecological Society of Australia, Australian Entomological Society and Australian Society of Herpetologists


23: 2-10

H.T. Clifford (Seedlings and the Australian flora)



Jan 1979

Sydney, NSW, Australia





18: 2-7

S.L. Everist (The Role of Herbaria in Australia today)


Aug 1977

Melbourne, Vic, Australia

The cytogenetic stimulus to taxonomy



12: 2-7



May 1976

Hobart, Tas, Australia

Plant Biogeography



8: 9-20



Jan 1975

Canberra, ACT, Australia

Modern methods in Plant Taxonomy



4: 2-7



Aug 1973

Perth, WA, Australia





1: 4-6 






  • The 2020 Burbidge lecture, "New perspectives on species recognition and the distribution of non-indigenous marine microalgae in New Zealand", was delivered at the 2021 conference but was not published in the ASBS Newsletter. A paper by W.A.Nelson et al. (2021) in Botanica Marina [] covers the same subject matter.
  • The 2017 Burbidge lecture, "A social history of the fern in New Zealand", was not published in the ASBS Newsletter. A public lecture by P.J.Brownsey that covers the same subject matter can be viewed on YouTube.