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Membership is open to all those interested in plant systematics and entitles the member to attend general meetings and chapter meetings, and to receive the ASBS Newsletter.

Annual membership is $45.00 (Aust.).
For full-time students and concessional members (those who are retired or unemployed), membership is $25.00.

Please make cheques out to Australasian Systematic Botany Society Inc., and remit to the Treasurer.
Alternatively, payments via credit card and direct deposit are also accepted. Subscriptions become due on 1 January each year.

New members may download an Application form in PDF or Microsoft Word format.

Existing members may download a Renewal form in PDF or Microsoft Word format.

Life Membership

Life membership may be conferred by Council on any member who has made a significant contribution to the society. Life members are exempt from paying the annual subscription. Anyone wishing to nominate a member for Life membership should write to the President, including a brief statement outlining the member's contributions to the ASBS. Successful nominations will be announced at the Annual General Meeting. Life members are presented with a framed certificate signed by the President.

Life Members

1998  Marlies Eichler (deceased 1st January 2011)


ASBS Newsletter 97: 2


ASBS Newsletter 97: 3

2000  David Symon (deceased 18th December 2011)


ASBS Newsletter 104: 11-12


ASBS Newsletter 105: 1-22

2006  Robyn Barker


ASBS Newsletter 126: 14-15


ASBS Newsletter 129: 39

2010  John Clarkson


ASBS Newsletter 144/145: 16


ASBS Newsletter 147-8: 2

2012  William (Bill) Barker


Announcement &

ASBS Newsletter 153: 29