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Cumulative Indices - Volumes 1 to 70 (1974-1992)

Editors No.s 1-70

Personal NamesNo.s 1 - 30
Personal NamesNo.s 31 - 50
Personal NamesNo.s 51 - 70

Taxon NamesNo.s 1 - 30
Taxon NamesNo.s 31 - 50
Taxon NamesNo.s 51 - 70

SubjectNo.s 1 - 30
SubjectNo.s 31 - 50
SubjectNo.s 51 - 70

Newsletter Index

by David Morison

The cumulative index to the ASBS Newsletter has been produced in three parts:

  • Part 1, No 1-30 - Issued December 1991 (PDF version, from OCR)
  • Part 2, No 31-50 - Issued June 1992 (PDF version, from OCR)
  • Part 3, No 51-70 - Issued June 1994 (PDF version, from OCR)

These are the three parts of a consolidated index to all issues of the society's Newsletter, which council decided would be the most practical means of accessing the considerable amount of information that this periodical contains. The index has been compiled over a number of years by several members of the society. To all of those contributors we are very grateful, and council hopes that you will find this a very useful compilation. Actually, it is compulsory for all members to use it at least once a month!

The data for each part of the index are in three groups:- taxonomic names (including latin binomials and trinomials, as well as all higher categories), personal names (including authors, as well as references to particular people), and subjects (including titles of articles, as well as particular topics).

Most of the data from the second two categories from issues 1-21 were extracted by John Jessop in Adelaide; and this part of the index was first distributed to interested members of the society at the end of 1979 (see ASBS Newsletter 19: 8 and 21: 2). Bill Barker in Adelaide then compiled further information from these issues, plus the rest of the data in these two categories from issues 22-30. Issue 30 was the last of the old-style Newsletter, and since that time each editor has compiled an annual index to the titles and subjects.

Parts of the subject index and author index have already been published in the Newsletter, covering issues 30-33 (33: insert), 34-37 (37: 18-19), 38-41 (41: 19-20), and 42-45 (45: 22-23) which were compiled by Gordon Guymer in Brisbane, 54-57 (57: 26-28), 58-61 (61: 21-23), and 62-65 (65: 39-41), which were compiled by Barbara Barnsley & Mike Crisp in Canberra, and issues 66-69 (69: 31-34) and 70 (74: 32-35), which were compiled by David Morrison in Sydney.

The remainder of these two indexes has been compiled by David Morrison.

The first part of the index includes all of the data from issues 1-30 inclusive, covering the period from 1974 to early 1982. The data were checked by Louisa Murray, and the final editing was by David Morrison. Council decided to compile a thorough index to the scientific plant names from issue 1 through to the present. This was done by Kirsten Cowley in Canberra, and the data are now maintained as an up-to-date computer database. The second part of the index includes all of the data from issues 31-50 inclusive, covering the period from mid 1982 to early 1987. The third part of the index includes all of the data from issues 51-60 inclusive, covering the period from mid 1987 to late 1989. The data were checked and edited by David Morrison. The remainder of this index has been compiled by David Morrison.

The remainder of the index will be included with further issues of the Newsletter. The data from these later issues will continue to be indexed by taxonomic names, personal names, and subjects.

A brief review of the history of the Newsletter is provided in ASBS Newsletter 66: 4-14.


ASBS Newsletter Editors Issues 1-70

Iss # Date Editor
1 Mar-74 Des Boland
2 Jul-74 Des Boland
3 Nov-74 Des Boland
4 Feb-75 Rod Henderson
5 Jul-75 Rod Henderson
6 Nov-75 Rod Henderson
7 Mar-76 Rod Henderson
8 Jul-76 Rod Henderson
9 Nov-76 Rod Henderson
10 Mar-77 Rod Henderson
11 Jun-77 Rod Henderson
12 Sep-77 Rod Henderson
13 Dec-77 Rod Henderson
14 Mar-78 Rod Henderson
15 May-78 Alex George
16 Aug-78 Alex George
17 Dec-78 Alex George
18 Mar-79 Alex George
19 Jun-79 Alex George
20 Sep-79 Alex George
21 Dec-79 Alex George
22 Mar-80 Alex George
23 Jun-80 Alex George
24 Sep-80 Alex George
25 Dec-80 Alex George
26 Mar-81 Barry Conn
27 May-81 Barry Conn
28 Aug-81 Barry Conn
29 Nov-81 Barry Conn
30 Feb-82 Barry Conn
31 Jun-82 Gordon Guymer
32 Sep-82 Gordon Guymer
33 Dec-82 Gordon Guymer
34 Mar-83 Gordon Guymer
35 Jun-83 Gordon Guymer
36 Sep-83 Gordon Guymer
37 Dec-83 Gordon Guymer
38 Mar-84 Gordon Guymer
39 Jun-84 Gordon Guymer
40 Sep-84 Gordon Guymer
41 Dec-84 Gordon Guymer
42 Mar-85 Gordon Guymer
43 Jun-85 Gordon Guymer
44 Sep-85 Gordon Guymer
45 Dec-85 Gordon Guymer
46 Mar-86 Helen Hewson
47 Jun-86 Helen Hewson
48 Sep-86 Helen Hewson
49 Dec-86 Helen Hewson
50 Mar-87 Helen Hewson
51 Jun-87 Helen Hewson
52 Sep-87 Helen Hewson
53 Dec-87 Helen Hewson
54 Mar-88 Barbara Barnsley, Alex George
55 Jun-88 Barbara Barnsley, Mike Crisp
56 Sep-88 Barbara Barnsley, Mike Crisp
57 Dec-88 Barbara Barnsley, Mike Crisp
58 Mar-89 Barbara Barnsley, Mike Crisp
59 Jun-89 Barbara Barnsley, Mike Crisp
60 Sep-89 Barbara Barnsley, Mike Crisp
61 Dec-89 Barbara Barnsley, Mike Crisp
62 Mar-90 Barbara Barnsley, Mike Crisp
63 Jun-90 Barbara Barnsley, Mike Crisp
64 Sep-90 Barbara Barnsley, Mike Crisp
65 Dec-90 Barbara Barnsley, Mike Crisp
66 Mar-91 David Morrison, Barbara Wiecek
67 Jun-91 David Morrison, Barbara Wiecek
68 Sep-91 David Morrison, Barbara Wiecek
69 Dec-91 David Morrison, Barbara Wiecek
70 Mar-92 David Morrison, Barbara Wiecek