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ASBS Newsletter – Book Review

Walker in the Wilderness
The Life of R.J. Anketell

Written by Judith Anketell.

(From ASBS Newsletter Number 99, June 1999)

Hesperian Press, P.O. Box 317, Victoria Park, W.A. 6100 (1998).
xvi + 179 pp.
ISBN 0 85905 257 5. Price $A35.00

For those who have puzzled over the name Anketell on plant collections from the early 1900s whether as a collector or locality, here are the answers. Richard John Anketell (1862-1928) was an engineer and surveyor who worked in Victoria, Tasmania and Western Australia, involved especially in road and railway contruction. This book, by his grand-daughter, describes his life and times including his expeditions and surveying projects. It is well illustrated with photographs, maps and extracts from letters, journals etc. Unfortunately Judith Anketell learnt of the plants collected by her grandfather after the book was completed and they are mentioned only in the preface. There is a list in an appendix to a report on the 'flying survey' that established the route for the Transcontinental Railway.

Reviewer: Alex George
'Four Gables', 18 Barclay Road,
Kardinya, W.A. 6163