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ASBS Newsletter – Book Review

False Economy

written by William J. Lines

(From ASBS Newsletter Number 95, June 1998)

Published by: Fremantle Arts Centre Press South Fremantle, 1998.
pp. 364.
Price: $22.95

All who are involved in politics, business and administration, all who are concerned about the future of Homo sapiens and our planet, should read this book. Through a review of Australia's development through the 20th Century, it paints a damning picture of the relentlessness with which our political, scientific and business leaders have pursued human domination of the planet and all it contains, in the mistaken belief that population growth is good and that material goods are the answer to human happiness. Even many so-called environmentalists have fallen for their propaganda and are now embracing 'sustainable development' and the concept that Nature cannot be left to itself anywhere, that Man must learn how to control the planet. We are in danger of losing the natural world altogether, and with that our future.

Reviewer: Alex George
'Four Gables',
18 Barclay Road,
Kardinya, Western Australia 6163