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Minutes of ASBS meetings

Starting in 2011, it is intended to put the minutes of ASBS meetings on the web.

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Minutes of Special General Meeting, Tuesday 3rd July, 2012

Minutes of the Special General Meeting (PDF)
with attachment showing the final wording of the proposed changes to the Rules of the Australasian Systematic Botany Society Inc. approved by the Special General Meeting.

Resulting Ballot Paper, and Notes to accompany the ballot paper.

Agenda for AGM meeting 25 November 2011, with minutes of last AGM

PDF document to download

Minutes of meetings

March 15, 2011
2011 General Meeting of the Australian Systematic Botany Society, Inc.
12.00-13.00, Tuesday 15/3/2011, Caley Seminar Room, National Herbarium of New South Wales, Sydney, N.S.W., Australia