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Back issues of the Newsletter are available from Number 27 (May 1981) onwards, excluding Numbers 29, 31, 60, 84-86, 89-91, 99, 100, 103, and 137-139.

ASBS Newsletter No. 53: Systematic Status of Large Flowering Plant Genera
Edited by Helen Hewson, 1987

This Newsletter issue includes the reports from the February 1986 Boden Conference on the "Systematic Status of Large Flowering Plant Genera". The reports cover: the genus concept; the role of cladistics in generic delimitation; geographic range and the genus concepts; the value of chemical characters, pollination syndromes, and breeding systems as generic determinants; and generic concepts in the Asteraceae, Chenopodiaceae, Epacridaceae, Cassia, Acacia, and Eucalyptus.

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History of Systematic Botany in Australasia

EEdited by P.S. Short. A4, case bound, 326 pp. ASBS, 1990

For all those people interested in the 1988 ASBS symposium in Melbourne, here are the proceedings. It is a well presented volume, containing 36 papers on: the botanical exploration of our region; the role of horticulturalists, collectors and artists in the early documentation of the flora; the renowned (Mueller, Cunningham), and those whose contribution is sometimes overlooked (Buchanan, Wilhelmi).

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Evolution of the Flora and Fauna of Arid Australia

Edited by W.R. Barker & P.J.M. Greenslade. Peacock Publications, ASBS & ANZAAS, 1982

This collection of more than 40 papers will interest all people concerned with Australia's dry inland, or the evolutionary history of its flora and fauna. It is of value to those studying both arid lands and evolution in general. Six sections cover: ecological and historical background; ecological and reproductive adaptations in plants; vertebrate animals; invertebrate animals; individual plant groups; and concluding remarks.

Cost: $20, plus $10 postage (in Australia).

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